Past in the Present

As quick as I can, some Days of Dial-Up posts respond to events, occasions, anniversaries, yearly round-ups, and things that crop up in the news where there’s a hidden, or misunderstood, history. Not the hottest of takes, by any means, and hopefully they don’t date too quickly either.

2018: The Wrong Year
31st December 2018

A panicked call not to let this present become our future.

Where did the expulsions of British Caribbeans come from, and where is it going?

Ted Cruz reckons the Simpsons have risen and are voting Republican. Me, I’m not so sure…

Futuristic cockroach museums meet hope for the year ahead.

As Catalonia strives to go it alone, a look at how Europe’s newest country has fared.

Jaded review of Rustler’s advert, in a life of diminishing returns.

Written as the Goldring Inquiry Jury was considering its verdicts, a look at the struggle to overcome historical myths about Hillsborough and achieve legal justice.

Eulogy for the end of British deep mining, worrying about the future of mining towns.