Music & Sport

Or, cultural history as a masquerade to write about my nerdy interests.

The love of the deceptive Dwayne Leverock, the bona fide athlete, and celebrating when cricket was for everyone.

Fighting back against Morrissey’s history of hate, using words that are not my own…

Shocks, politics, and superstitions – stories of why the Men’s World Cup football teams wear what they wear.

Updated version of “Fire on Ice” – the inspiring post on those unlikely, worthy Caribbean sporting heroes – the Jamaican bobsled team.

An update of the first Days of Dial-Up post, celebrating Britain’s women skeleton sliders who melted the Old Boy culture.

Exploring Punk’s intimate relationship with both Nazis and those who oppose them.

How a racing driver endeavoured to save thousands of lives after 84 perished at Le Mans.

Before Stoke Mandeville, there were disabled athletes who came to the Olympics and medalled.

Fiji’s story is more than the rugby teams, and far from straightforward.

Forever-delayed gig review about keeping a past bereavement alive.

A tongue-in-cheek and bittersweet look at the graveyards of football grounds

A night at the one-man theatre, where Paul Robeson came to sing and tell us his story.

The love of Fiji, Samoa, Tonga and the All Blacks, with a bit of folklore and dance, and a Jonah Lomu tribute.

Inspired by loads of people mouthing off about how rugby union is “posh,” this post looks at how much that’s true, and why.

Gig review turned ’90s cultural history, 20th century political memory.

The famous Calgary ’88 team behind Cool Runnings, but part of a decades-long effort for Caribbean culture to be seen as more than just lackadaisical.

Live from Sochi 2014, celebrating Lizzie Yarnold, Amy Williams, Shelly Rudman, and Alex Coombes.