Gotta read ’em all!

Days of Dial-Up

The Oddball Candidates, or, The Tragedy of Lord Buckethead 11 Dec 2019
Ode to Sluggo 31 May 2019
Frankly Mr. Morrissey 22 May 2019
Mr. Bunny Goes to Washington 4 May 2019
Small Islands, Big Histories: Diego Garcia 17 March 2019
2018: The Wrong Year 31 December 2018
How the Blazers Got Their Chequers: and other stories 16 July 2018
After the Windrush 18 June 2018
Fire on Ice (30th Anniversary Edition) 1st March 2018
“My Homer is not a Communist” 23 February 2018
Skeleton Women (2018) 17th February 2018
2017 in History: The Cockroach and the Bee 31st December 2017
“In These Days of Evil Presidentes”: Punk and Fascism 22nd December 2017
Recognising Kosovo* 29nd October 2017
John Fitch and the 1955 Le Mans Tragedy: Making Something out of Disaster 15th August 2017
“What a Time to be Alive” 1st July 2017
Everybody’s Biggest Fan 5th February 2017
Obama & I 19th January 2017
Decision 1789: A Brief History of Picking US Presidents 8th November 2016
Yes, They Could! The Paralympic Pioneers 7th September 2016
“Her Name Hail Far and Wide:” Fiji at the Olympic Games, 1956-2016 18th August 2016
“This is the Past That’s Mine: “Manic Street Preachers Play Everything Must Go at the Royal Albert Hall, 17th May 2016 2nd August 2016
The Ghosts of Stadiums Past 10th May 2016
“I Never Died, Says He”: Tayo Aluko in “Call Mr. Robeson” 21st April 2016
A Jury for the 96 8th April 2016
The Bird Cannot Build Her Nest 25th January 2016
The Strange Death of King Coal 18th December 2015
“Cultural Challenges”: From Haka to Cibi, Stories of Rugby’s War Dances 4th December 2015
Class of 1823: Rugby Union, a Fault Line through British Society 16th October 2015
“Where is he from, this King of Haiti?” Admiral Caperton Invades Haiti 28th July 1915 28th July 2015
“Houses as Ruins and Gardens as Weeds”: Manic Street Preachers reprise The Holy Bible, Wolverhampton, 1st June 2015 8th June 2015
Tending the Backyard: US Foreign Policy in Cuba and Haiti, 1898-2014 18th December 2014
The Life and Death of Jean-Claude Duvalier 5th October 2014
Fire on Ice: The Jamaican Bobsleigh Team and the Art of Being Taken Seriously 6th March 2014
Skeleton Women: The British habit of sliding head-first down icy slopes 13 February 2014


Petrocaribe Protests in Haiti: An Update from the Haiti Support Group for Haiti Support Group, 17th March 2019
Donald Trump just dug up the old Haiti AIDS myth. Help us shut it down for Haiti Support Group, 29th December 2017
Puerto Rico Needs Help, but Not Like Haiti for Haiti Liberte, 4th October 2017, Haiti Support Group, 1st October 2017
Inconvenient Truth: Hurricane Matthew and Cholera, for Haiti Support Group, co-written with Eve Hayes de Kalaf, 6th October 2016
Unwanted Gifts: A Concise History of Harming Haiti, Haiti Briefing 81, 17th September 2016
A New Discovery Sheds Light on Haiti’s 1930 Elites, Insights: Scholarly Work at the John W. Kluge Center, Library of Congress, 9th December 2014

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